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At Anand Systems Engineering , we are specialists & experts in Manufacturing parts for EOT cranes such as DSL Busbars, Crane Wireless Remote Controls,Thruster Brakes , Resistance Boxes & C Rail Festooning Systems.

In the Last 17 years we have helped 1550 Customers across 24 states generate a revenue of 1000+ Crores .

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Crane Wireless Remote Controls Worlds most advanced 2.4Ghz push button & Joystick type radios.

Most Modern Radio Remote Controls upto 4 Motion Cranes and Hoists Machinery.

Crane Radio Remote Control
An Industrial Overhead Crane Lifting a load

Busbars for Industrial Cranes

Safelink Brand Busbars
Copper, Aluminium, Galvnized Iron & SS Busbars.
Ratings -60 Amperes to 2000 Amperes.
Available with all kinds of accessories ,spare parts & Current collectors.

Safelink M - Pin Type Safelink V - Heavy Bar

Safelink W - Bolt Type Safelink - Enclosed

Advanced Crane Pendants

For any number of motions, be it 2 motion crane or 5 motion crane, only a 4 core cable is used.

Crane Pendant

*Relay based & Direct Drive based Data Pendants.

Overhead Crane Push Button Pendant
Crane Scada measures parameters of cranes

CraneSCADA Industrial IOT system for Cranes.

Built on Next Generation web technology and embedded systems, teams use CraneSCADA to Control,Monitor & Analyze Industrial Cranes.

Brakes for Hoists and Cranes.

Thruster Brakes ,AC & DC Electromagnetic brakes, Disk Brakes are manufactured to extremely high standards of quality.

Thruster BrakesAC electromagnetic

DC electromagneticDisk Brakes
Thruster Brake for EOT Crane
C Track Festoon

C Rail Festooning System.

3 Types of C Rail Festoon systems are manufactured by Anand - 30 Series Standard,30 Series KRD Type,40 series KRD Type.

Limit Switches for cross travel,long travel and over hoisting.

Anand Systems Engineering is a manufacturer of Rotary,FG,Lever type and Gravity Limit Switches for electric Hoists and Industrial Machinery.

FG RotaryLever Type

Gravity Counter Weight
Different kinds of limit switches for cranes
Master Controller For EOT Crane

Master Controller

We manufacture of 3 to 18 number of Contacts Master controller.Sheet Metal & Die Cast Enclosure.

Resistance Box

10 to 800 Amps SS Punched Grid Ventilated Resistance Box.

SS Punched grid Resistance box
Variable frequency drive based control panel

Manufacturer of Control Panel

We make Contactor Based ,
Drive Based Control Panels ,
Interface Panels & Protective Panels.

Anti Collision Device

We make Infrared based and Ultrasonic Based Anti Collision Devices to prevent collision of two Cranes on the same bay. Ultrasonic Stopping Distance :0.1 Meter to 5 Meters.Infrared Stopping Distance :2 Meters to 10 Meters

infrared reflector Anti Collision device for cranes

DSL Indicating Lamps

We make Standard DSL Indicating Lamp and DSL Voltage Monitor Display .

Anand Systems Engineering is a leading top crane equipment manufacturer in India.

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