DSL Voltage Display Unit

Three Phase Voltage Display Unit

Know Exact 3 Phase Voltage applied to your Crane.No need of Calculating Voltage drop.

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3 Phase voltage monitor
Built for the harshest of environments

Display Distance of more than 300 Meters

Three phase voltage display unit is used in factories where you want to know the exact 3 phase voltage being input to the machinery or crane.

3 phase voltage display unit is an advanced microprocessor based display unit which provides the resolution and accuracy to efficiently display voltage applied to Machines,Cranes,Drives,Power Distribution Systems & Electro mechanical equipment. They act like a huge 3 phase voltage meter where they take 3 phase power as input and continuously calculate and display the input 3 phase voltage. Four 4 inch 7 Segment Display units are used to display the voltage of each of the phases.
The voltage displayed changes with the change in 3 phase input voltage.In the situation where , 1 phase is not available or phase failure, the Voltage for that particular phase will switch be displayed as zero . During malfunctioning of crane or maintenance operations of crane, the 3 phase voltage display unit will indicate to everyone on the factory floor the exact voltage being applied to the machinery.

If busbars are used to power your heavy duty machine,this display unit will show you the exact voltage being dropped on the busbars.

Installation of 3 Phase Voltage Display Unit:

3 phase voltage display unit can be easily installed by anyone with the help of 2 screws. It is constructed with extremely high quality and long lasting electronics.

Complete Product Kit Includes:

3 phase voltage display unit

4 Digits

First Digits shoes Phase, Next 3 Digits Show Voltage

External Connector for connecting 3 Phase Power

Screwless Connector for Input 3 Phase Supply.No need of Neutral

Black powder coated MS body with Aluminium Frame

A very well built metal frame for Industrial environments

Image Description
Image Description


Electrical Specifications
Input Power Supply

3-phase without Neutral , 440V

Power Consumption

Power Consumption = 0.3 Watts

Minimum Input Voltage 385 VAC
Maximum Input Voltage 440 VAC
Typical Input Voltage 415 VAC
Display Voltage Accuracy 5%
Power Supply No Need of External Power Supply
LED Specifications
Colors Hyper Blue
Visibility 300 Meters
Viewing angle 40 Degrees
Led material InGaN for Blue
Typical MCD 2000
RoHS Compliant yes
Body 2mm CRCA with black color Powder coating
Product Dimensions :100mm x 200mm
Installation indoor/outdoor
Life Expectancy 5 Years
Operating Temperature -25 to +85 C
Product weight 900 grams