FG Rotary Geared Limit Switch for EOT Cranes in India.

Standard Gear Ratio:
1:12, 1:25, 1:33, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:150, 1:200, 1:400.
Customized gear ratios for Rotary Limit Switch are also available.

Manufacturer and Supplier of FG Rotary Geared Limit Switch for Industrial Cranes

FG Rotary Geared Limit Switch

Working principle of rotary limit switch

A rotary limit switch works on the principle of a worm drive . A worm drive mechanism is suited so that enough torque is generated to move the attached gears within the limit switch .
the shaft of the limit switch has threads which are matches and attached to a helical gear.

As the shaft rotates , the gear rotates according to the gear ratio. The gears are attached to a cam mechanism which rotate along with the central gear, a rotary limit switch has a minimum of two cams , one for setting the upper limit of the hoist machinery and one for setting the lower limit of the hoist machinery .

Screws are provided for each cam .Each cam can be adjusted according to user requirements to fine tune the upper and lower limit these cams operate the contacts within the limit switch.

After the cam adjustment is done according to the user , as soon as the hoist machinery reaches the upper vertical limit, the cams operate the contacts which stop the moving machinery . The contacts can be of normal closed (NC) or normally open (NO) type. Once any limit is reached by the EOT crane , the crane will only be able to move in the opposite direction thus preventing an accident.

Rotary Limit Switch Working Principle

Rotary Limit Switches are designed from the ground up for harsh Industrial Use.

Many Different models are available


FG12.5/SH/2 gear ratio 12.5:1,Contacts-2nos


FG12.5/SH/4 gear ratio 12.5:1,Contacts-4nos


FG25/SH/2 gear ratio 25:1,Contacts-2nos


FG25/SH/4 25:1,Contacts-4nos


FG50/SH/2 50:1,Contacts-2nos


FG50/SH/4 50:1,Contacts-4nos


FG100/SH/2 100:1,Contacts-2nos


FG100/SH/4 100:1,Contacts-4nos


FG200/SH/2 200:1,Contacts-2nos


FG200/SH/4 200:1,Contacts-4nos


FG400/SH/2 400:1,Contacts-2nos


FG400/SH/4 400:1,Contacts-4nos

Aluminium Die cast Rotary geared limit Switch.
Manufactured for Strength & Reliability

Aluminium Die Cast Rotary Limit Switch

Applications of Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switches are used whenever you need to count the angle or number of rotations and stop a rotating piece of equipment when it reaches it rotating limit.

EOT Cranes

Electric Hoists

Gantry Cranes

Goliath Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Tower Cranes

Image Description
Image Description

Anand FG Rotary Geared Limit Switch Technical Data Specifications

FG Rotary Limit Switch
Body Black Nylon
Material Cover Shock Resistance Thermoplastic
Protection Degree IP-55 Confirming to IS-13947(Part-1)1993 :Dust ingress and protect against low pressure water jet from any direction.
Gear Ratio 1:12.5, 1:25, 1:50,1:100 & 1:400
Drive Worm Screw
Cable Entries 2, 3/4" Conduit
Rated Voltage Insulation 500 VAC.
Thermal Test Current 10Amps
Maximum Speed 1200 rpm
Wire Connection Screw Terminal