Lever Limit Switch For EOT Crane

Standard Models:
LS/1/SH/1 ,1 way,Contacts-1no
LS/2/SH/2 ,1 way,Contacts-2nos


Lever Type Limit Switch for Industrial Cranes & Hoists

Lever Limit Switch Animation

Crane Limit Switch: Working of Lever type limit switch

A lever type crane limit switch works on the principle of a lever attached to a rotating central shaft.When the moving machinery comes in contact with the lever, the central shaft of the lever rotates ,thereby rotating the coaxial cams which connect or disconnect the electrical contacts.
The rotation of the shaft can be spring returned to its stable normal position. The length of the lever type crane limit switch depends on the mounting position of the limit switch enclosure and the moving crane which needs to stop.

The Lever mechanism can be moved one way or both ways depending on the type of application. Lever type Limit Switch is prevent over travel of traverser motion within pre specified position on control or power circuit. Lever Type Limit switch is Suitable for use on Wagon shunting device,Elevators,Material handling system etc.

Lever Limit Switch Working Principle

Applications of Lever Limit Switch

Lever Limit Switches are used whenever you need to halt the linear motion of equipment when it reaches it designed limit.

EOT Cranes

Electric Hoists

Gantry Cranes

Goliath Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Tower Cranes

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Image Description

Anand Lever Limit Switch Technical Data Specifications

Sheet Metal Enclosure limit Switch
Body Cast Iron / Cast Aluminum main casing with cover
Protection Degree IP54/IP41:Dust ingress and protect against low pressure water jet from any direction.
Cable Entries 2, 3/4" Conduit
No. Of Contacts 2/3/4
Contacts Double break silver cadmium
Rated Voltage Insulation 500 VAC.
Thermal Test Current 10Amps
Wire Connection Screw Terminal
Operations 720/hour