Infrared based Anti Collision Device

Increase safety and prevent collision of overhead cranes on the same bay.

Infrared Anti-Collision Device for Overhead Cranes.

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Anti Collision Device for cranes
How It Works

What is an Anti Collision Device?

Basic construction of an Anti Collision Device is very simple , it Consists of a sensor & a relay.


Safety First

It is exactly like an emergency braking system where the Sensor is continuously aware of its surrounding environment to detect the presence or absence of any foreign equipment . When an ACD Is mounted on a machine , first it is calibrated according to the user requirement.


Reaction to External Objects

The reaction time of the sensor of your anti collision device is an important factor depending upon its application.If your machine is moving at 20 meters / second and the reaction time of your sensor is 0.5 Seconds, the machine will move almost 10 meters ahead before it is stopped by the ACD. The ACD should be tested in its final working environment after mounting and calibration .

What is an anti collision device?

Need for Anti Collision Device

An Anti Collision Device is categorized as a safety device which prevents an accident due to the collision of two machines.Without such a device, manually or automatically operated machines can travel outside their working area and damage nearby machines, equipment or structures and can cause dangerous situations .


Infrared Based

Infrared Based safety devices make use of the infrared spectrum of light which is invisible to human beings.Infrared light is higher frequency light than radio frequencies and it is used in thousands of industrial applications.

Object Detection Through Infrared Device

Advanced MicroProcessor based safety device

The ACD-01 and ACD-02 are microprocessor based Infrared Anti collision Device (ACD) modules to increase safety and prevent collision of overhead cranes. ACD-01 is 1 Distance Set point module with Single Relay Output , while the ACD-02 is 2 Distance Set Point Module with Dual Relay Output.They are supplied with an infrared Emitter & Detector which emits and detects light waves in the infrared spectrum and an infrared reflector ,which reflects the infrared light emitted by the device.

Infrared Transmitter Working

Easily Set the Detection Distance.

1st ACD to be mounted on 1st Crane with its reflector Mounted on 2nd Crane. 2nd ACD to be Mounted on 2nd Crane with its reflector Mounted on 1st Crane. Such a system will allow both the cranes to stop at the same time. Next, bring both the overhead cranes at the precise distance you want the power to be cut. The infrared reflector has to be mounted in level with the infrared Emitter. To help with the reflector mounting , an inbuilt laser is provided which points to the precise location where the reflector needs to be mounted.Once, the reflector and ACD are properly mounted, rotate the distance knobs in the clockwise direction until the relay indicating light switches on. This means the distance is set.

Anti Collision Device Distance set point

Reflector Based


2 Set Points


Metal body


Infrared Based

Mounting Dimensions of Anti Collision Device

Image Description
Key features


10 Millisecond Fast Reaction time


Greater than 10 Meter Detection Distance


Good Immunity from nearby interfering Light Sources

The Sensitivity to noise of the detector of the Anti Collision Device automatically reduces in the presence of nearby noisy light sources to insure proper operation.


2 Set Points.

1st Set Point to reduce Speed of Crane, 2nd Set point to stop Crane


Supply Voltage 110VAC/220VAC/24VDC
Number of Set Points 2
Power Consumption 0.5 watts
Operating Temperature 0 degrees to 70 degrees
Maximum Transmission Distance 10 Meters
Minimum Transmission Distance 1 Meter
Minimum irradiance 0.08 W/m2
Maximum Irradiance 30 W/m2
Suppression of Interference from nearby Light Sources Yes
Infrared Reflector Required Yes
Infrared Carrier Frequency 38 KHz
Relay Output Rating 110VAC 10 Amps
220VAC 10 Amps
30VDC 10 Amps
Enclosure Sheet metal
Enclosure Dimension 180mmx145mmx55mm
Indicating Leds Red Led
Laser Alignment Provided for alignment of reflector

More about Infrared Light

This infrared light can also be used to communicate data between devices. All kinds of remote controls in home appliances such as Air Conditioners & Televisions use the IR spectrum. But to prevent natural sources of infrared light such as the sun,from interfering with the safety devices, the infrared radiation from the emitter is modulated at a certain frequency .This Modulated data is then received by the Infrared receiver and demodulated to extract the data. Infrared receiving devices are made up of photodiodes which are semiconductor based integrated circuits which react to infrared light by inducing a small current. Infrared transmitting devices are made up of semiconductor material such as GaAlAs & GaAs. The transmitters emit the IR light in front of them within a certain angle exactly like your Car HeadLIghts.

Advantages of using IR sensors


They are invisible to the eyes of human beings


They can detect objects without contact


Extremely low Power Requirements

*Infrared Transmitters are highly directional and can only transmit in Line of Sight as they are blocked by hard objects such as metals and walls. *One infrared device can communicate with only one other Infrared Device *IR transmitters can emit radiation upto 30 Meters *Other natural or artificial sources of Infrared light affect the IR receivers

Applications : Prevent Collision of Two EOT Cranes travelling towards each other. Reduce Speed of Overhead Crane . Prevent Collision of an EOT Crane at its travelling end position.