Crane Master Controller

Number of Steps:
Number of Contacts:
24 Maximum

Master Controller for Industrial Cranes
Universal Master Controller also available.

Master Controller

Anand Master Controllers are designed from the ground up for harsh Industrial Use.

Many Different models are available


Working principle of Master Controller

Master controller are used for remote operation of equipment like EOT cranes & rolling mills drives etc. The enclosure of the controller confirms to I.P 54 degrees of proteciton, making it dust proof.It has upto 6 notches either side with maximum 24 contacts as per desired sequence.Controller are provided with spring & Dead man's handle arrangement. They are compact upt o 4-4 steps.Suitable for Hoist-Grab,Cross Travel,Long Travel.Upto 16 contactsper motion with spring return arrangement is provided.

1) Long Life:- Millions of operations are possible without significant wear to cams and contacts which are rated for 40amps at 500 V.A.C.

2) Simple Maintenance: Maintenance is simplified through the use of individual interchangable contact blocks. Contact tips can be easily inspected without removing the block or disturbing connenctinos. When contacts are worn,only fixed and cmoving contacts can be replaced by removing only one screw.The remaining contact blocks and circuits are undisturbed.

3) Wide electrical clearance:- The design of contact block provides generous electrical creepage and clearance,preventing arcing between contact blocks or to ground. Heavy duty terminal screws are located for convenience and ease of wiring.

Master Controller Working Principle

Applications of Master Controllers

Master Controllers are used whenever you need to count the angle or number of rotations and stop a rotating piece of equipment when it reaches it rotating limit.

EOT Cranes

Electric Hoists

Gantry Cranes

Goliath Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Tower Cranes

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Image Description

Anand Universal Master Controller.


Anand Master Controller Technical Data Specifications

Master Controller Working Principle
Body Material Sheet Steel / Aluminium Die Cast
Protection Degree IP-44 / IP-54 Conforming to IS-13947(Part-1)1993
Mounting Position Horizontal / Vertical
Contact Material Silver Cadmium
Rated Voltage Insulation 500 VAC
Thermal Test Current 10Amps
Cable Entries 2x20,2x26 Standard Conduit
Frequency of Operation 1000 Switching per hour.
Contacts Single/Double Break
Number of Contacts 24 Maximum
Number of Steps 7-0-7 maximum
Optional Spring Return/Deadman's Handle arrangement